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Somebody is embezzling money from the company, and that somebody is Fernberger. She confronts Fern, telling her she has until tomorrow to go to Deirdre with the truth, or she will. They follow the couple to a dance class and wind up participating.

No Tomorrows

He goes by Re-Pete, since Deirdre has married and divorced him repeatedly. Re-Pete is on a mission of his own to win Deirdre back. For Hank, the only way to stop this happening is to beat them in the dance competition. Xavier is unconcerned. But Xavier decides to go easy on them. He softens the blow by speaking purely in hypotheticals.

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Encouraging the crowd to live out their wildest dreams and confront their biggest fears, he gives them all chalk and tells them to write on the sidewalk what they would do if they only had six months left to live. Some people just want to dance with the time they have left. Honestly, they were robbed.

Being the insufferable duo they are, Deirdre and Re-Pete sing the music themselves, complete the routine, and get engaged when Re-Pete pops the question. At least Xavier and Evie seems to be in a good place. Walking home together, Evie delivers a spiel about prioritizing honesty in their relationship and tells Xavier about the time she cheated on a second-grade spelling test.

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With that confession behind her, she asks him if he has anything to share. And on that note, No Tomorrow is taking a two-week break. What else might he have lied about? The world ending?

Ah, the suspense. No Tomorrow recap: Season 1, Episode 9. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. No Tomorrow.

‘No Tomorrow,’ ‘Frequency’ Canceled After 1 Season at the CW

S1 E9. A bigger flaw in the No Tomorrow pilot is that it jams so much damn plot into a single episode. Within those initial few minutes we get: the aforementioned meet-cute; a marriage proposal that emerges out of nowhere; a work crisis; a medical emergency; an empowering live-karaoke scene, as is a requirement on TV these days; and more than one breakup and make-up.

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But in its first episode, No Tomorrow suggests it may be able to stay on the more interesting side of that delicate divide. As to whether it actually pulls that off as the season progresses, as Evie herself might say: Let me get back to you.

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