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On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the occupations where women soar.

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New Password. Password Changed Successfully Your password has been changed. Returning user. Compared to the average for all career women, showy types are reasonably satisfied on all fronts, while off the job they tend to give priority to their social life. More of them are in their early twenties than in other clusters, and they superficially follow trends across a wide range of fields—networking with people, careers, fashion.

They make 3.

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That may be because they have a persistent desire for the latest thing. On the occupational front, a fair number are in retail and services. The next category is the trend follower: brand-conscious females who are less work-oriented than women in the other clusters but rather have the goal of finding a high-status husband.

Concerned about how others see them, they are uncompromising about choosing a partner and will spare no effort to that end. As the graphs show, trend followers have high ideals ambitions for their love live and lifestyle but are dissatisfied with their present circumstances. When shopping they attach great importance to online reviews. But they are also cautious: they will only jump on the bandwagon of a new trend after observing how others react to it.

10 Best Career Tips For Women Of

On the occupational front, quite a few are in administrative career-track positions. Because they are so concerned about appearances and what others think, they often find dealing with people socially a strain. They therefore resort to their smartphones or have a night out with the girls to blow off steam. The next category is the casual career woman: those who value stability and seek the ordinary happiness within their reach.

As you can see, casual career women are much less enthusiastic about work than the average career woman; their priorities are love and marriage and their interests. They believe getting married and becoming a housewife is normal, and many of them are evidently convinced that since a job is just something to tide them over until that day, the less demanding it is the better. At first glance they resemble trend followers, but whereas trend followers are concerned about status and appearances, for casual career women the important thing is the ordinary happiness within their reach. They like to be able to experience the latest trends without spending lots of money.

The next category is the oddball type: women who want to enjoy their favorite things at their own pace and make no bones about the fact that they only work for the sake of their livelihood and interests. The members of this cluster, who account for They plan to stay on their present course in life and care little about marriage or fashion.

Sensible and not very feminine, they follow their own path in life. As the graphs show, the women in this cluster care very little about work or romance and live for their interests.

Why is the world of architecture so male-dominated?

They are careful to save money to spend on those interests, the nature of which varies from person to person. They are therefore indifferent when it comes to regular shopping, and try to be thrifty by buying secondhand or picking up stuff on Yahoo! The seventh and final cluster is the humdrum type: women who are not good at communicating with others and drift through life in their own little world.

They take things at their own pace and are passive and unambitious.

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And, surprise, surprise, they account for the largest share of any cluster— As the graphs show, humdrum types are characterized by dissatisfaction with their present circumstances combined with a lack of ambition. They are not very inclined to use social media or subscribe to magazines as a means of actively gathering information. Their income is at 3. That brings to an end our quick survey of the seven categories of career women. As you can see, career women vary considerably in their attitudes to consumption, work, and communication.

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